Russ Harris: ACT for depression and anxiety disorders: An advanced level skills-building workshop

Every day, around the globe, depression and anxiety shatter the lives of millions.
But you have the power to make a difference … Do you want to help your clients find rapid relief from suffering? And go on to build richer, fuller lives?

If so, this 3-day skills-building training is for you.

You’ll go deeper into the ACT model, take your skills to the next level, and learn specific methods for depression and anxiety.

You’ll learn about common stumbling blocks and sticking points, and how to quickly get around them.

And you’ll discover a wealth of practical tools and strategies to effectively target depression (major depression & dysthymia) and the full range of anxiety disorders (from OCD & phobias to social anxiety & panic disorder).

The training will include live demonstrations, videos of therapy sessions, and a wide range of experiential exercises.

N.B. You should complete a 2-day introductory workshop (with any ACT trainer) or my 8-week online beginners course, before attending this workshop; a basic level of ACT knowledge will be assumed.

Dates: June 12-13-14 – 2017 in Copenhagen

Time: 9am – 4 pm
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